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For general enquiries, reservations and further information, please take contact with us:

Via Toetto 5

Castelnuovo Calcea 14040 AT


Tel: +47 91375663


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By car.

The easiest way to get to the Piedmont is, perhaps, to fly to an airport in the area, and then rent a car so you can drive around the. There are several airports to choose from. in the Milano area are three airports; Malpensa 1.45 mins., Linate 1.45 mins., and Bergamo 2.15 mins.. In addition, both Torino and Genova airports.

In our experience is Malpensa´s airport outside Milan the one who has the best, and often the cheapest , connections with Norway. At the airport, you will find a variety rental cars. but we recommend at you book your car before departure.

The trip takes about. 1 one hour and 45 minutes, .. It will cost you

€ 10.50 one way.


GPS coordinates are:


Via Toetto, 5, 14040 Toetto AT, Italy
Latitude: 44.78992 | Longitude: 8.280251Altitude: 227 meters



You can also take public transport.

From Malpensa you will find options in public transport. There is the airport express train to Milano Central. From there you can get on with the train right up to Castelnuovo Calcea, in most cases, via Turin and Asti.

Our local station is called/Castelnuovo Calcea-Agliano and is located on the local route between Asti and Aqui Terme.

From Malpensa's also goes a bus direct to Turin. you will get to Albergo del vino in an hour's train trip, changing trains in Asti.


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