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Welcome to the Piedmont area with delicious dishes!... Consider one of planets best kitchen with its fantastic variety of "antipasti", together with its famous "grissini, zucchini ripieni, bagna cauda, vitello tonato, tartra piemontese, frittate, plin plin", etc.  


We are very lucky and happy to recommend  Dario and Roberta from "Il Boschetto di Vignole".  Our Village´s restaurant walking distance from Albergo del vino.   Excelent cuisine!! The restaurant opens all days except monday dinner and tuesday.


Also we are well known in the area that we can recommend you to many other restaurants in Asti and Alba area.

Wine visits

We know many exellent wine produsers in our area and our neighbour in Barbaresco and Barolo.


It is not so difficult, Italian producers are always happy to get visitors and there is no su much formalities just if they are available then we can arrange a visit to them...


Either you take with you your own bike to take the time- and enjoy Piedmont in bicycle? the area around Castelnuovo Calcea, there are many opportunities.
12 municipalities of Val Tiglione works together . with a scheme with 7 cycle paths between the villages of. You will find on the ways boards with map and description of the individual trip (see the picture), and along the way there are small arrows that show the direction.
There are small distances between the villages. In Canelli (around 7 km. from Albergo) There is a bike shop which offers rental bikes and other amenities.

Calcio - Football

If you like football and enjoys the Italian Serie A, from Albergo del vino you will have the opportunity to enjoy one of the most european fotball within train distance.
with a short distance you will find three different North Italias big cities, Milano, Torino and Genova, where you can have access to the 6 clubs in Serie A. With top clubs like Juventus, Milan and Inter are also the probability high for a champion meeting in the Champions League.

In Torino you will find the clubs: Juventus and Torino. Juventus, it is also called “the old lady” has been the best Italian team in recent seasons. its new stadium with a capacity of 41 000 spectators, they have won the series in both the 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Club Torino had in the ' 50s when players from the Italian national team. died in a plane crash and puts the end of it.   


We are surrounded by beautiful golf fields but In our region neighbour city  Asti just 20 mins away from Albergo, is located there two golf courses. The city of Asti's Golf Feudo di Asti has nine holes. The holes here are named after the wines of the area.


Swimming pool

We can enthusiastically say that the pool is being built! Finished to Mai. Then we have a separate pool garden for sunbathing and swimming. It will eventually also a small gym adjacent to the pool. The size of the pool is 8.6 * 3.6 meters.

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